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House with garden: How outdoor space adds value to your property

If you want to sell your house with garden, don´t under-estimate the impact your outdoor-space can make on possible buyers.

The house is set in a beautiful well-maintained garden on a lush summer evening. A hammock is inviting you to relax in the shadow of some trees, surrounded by some bushes with flowers, the BBQ all prepared for a group of friends to have dinner… When it comes to sell your house with garden it is important to create the right feel for possible buyers.

Here are a few tips and tricks how to pimp up your garden with little cost.

Keep it well-maintained

A well-maintained garden never fails to impress. This is a relatively simple and cheap way to make your garden more attractive. Just use your time and skills to have a nice clean looking garden. Your lawn requires a good upkeep: fertilize and mow it regular to keep it lush with a fresh green colour.

What if your garden is huge and too big to keep it well-maintained?
It is advisable to keep at least the area around the house in pristine condition. For the unkept areas there can be creative solutions to make the space look interesting. What about mowing a maze into the high grass?

house with garden

Make it feel like it is part of the living space

Naturally, possible buyers do not just look at the interior space. They usually wish to enjoy the outside space as well. You can add a few items to make people feel “at home”.

Hang a hammock or a swing on a tree, add a sunbed with some comfortable cushions, a BBQ with firewood, some chairs, a table with candles all set up for a nice dinner outside… Get creative but don´t overdo it! Always remember, especially when the garden space is small: less is more.

Keep it simple but tidy: don´t clutter your garden with too much decoration, just a few well-chosen items that add comfort and functionality will be sufficient.

Add a fence or bushes for privacy

Make sure your sitting area or better the whole garden is private. In some areas there is not much space to the bordering property, having a visual barrier there is a huge plus. People value their privacy and feel more comfortable knowing that they can´t be watched.

Having no privacy in the garden could jeopardise your sale.

The most cost-effective solution are privacy screens made out of fabrics and easy to install. You can buy them online on

Photos with the right feel

Getting people interested in your property starts when they look at your sales ad. Make sure you have good photos of your property that present it in the best “light”.

For the photos of your garden this means, you should do them just before sunset or just after sunrise when everything is covered with this amazing yellowish sunlight, creating this magical atmosphere.

Before making the photos or even before a viewing you can also add some touch of colour by adding some low-cost flowers of the season.

seasonal flowers

You can sell your house with garden here:

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