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Tiny houses – What is the BIG deal?

Tiny houses seem to be the new BIG thing as they offer a solution to a variety of modern problems.

As property prices go up many had to either abandon the dream of ever owning their own home or they had to find another way. Many people did find another way by reducing their wishes to a minimum and voilá: the idea of tiny houses was born. It usually has everything you really need tight up in a small but incredibly multi-functional space.

Of course not everyone who decides for a tiny house is doing it out of financial concerns. There are also a great number of people who are doing it for environmental reasons or just to simplify their lives to have more freedom and time.

Many who downsized to live in a tiny house feel that it is very easy to maintain. Additionally they feel relieved of the burden of material goods.

Tiny houses are also great as a small guest house in your garden or for yourself to go on holidays. Most of them are mobile so “homeowners” can be really flexible regarding their location. It doesn’t matter if they have them in a beautiful spot in the countryside or maybe even in the city.

Tiny houses in urban spaces

Some even see a great potential of tiny houses in the usually very limited affordable living space in big cities. Here is one project in Berlin: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tinyhouseuniversity/about/?ref=page_internal

There seems to be no limit to the different style tiny houses can have: from a super cute doll-house look to slick modern – everything is possible.

Many have seen this as an opportunity to become creative builders themselves as it is actually possible to build your own tiny house with some DIY-skills. There are plenty of plans, forums and videos out there helping you to do this.

In case you have no patience for a project like this but still like to have your own tiny house: Did you know that you can already buy tiny houses on ebay: www.ebay.com/b/Tiny-Houses

If you already decided on your tiny house and still looking for a nice affordable site, here are some suggestions:


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