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Sell your House Privately

It is possible to sell your house privately without hiring the services of a real estate agent.

To sell your house privately could potentially save thousands of pounds for you that otherwise go as estate agent fee.

It is easier to sell your house privately if you already know someone interested in buying it or it happens to be a seller’s market with an abundance of homebuyers. However, you should undertake this gigantic exercise only if you have time and you are willing to put in effort for the marketing of your property.

Besides showing the house to interested buyers, you will also need legal advice to sell your house privately.

Setting the price right

You need to set the asking price right if you have a desire to attract many potential buyers. To know the right valuation of your house you will have to do some research. Check the sale prices of similar properties in your area in recent times. You can check out property valuation websites and consult agents without making any commitment to them.

Advertising your property

Once you know the fair price of your house, it is time to advertise your property to get exposure to many potential buyers. It is an uphill task without the help from an estate agent. However, you can get help in this regard from some websites that do this for you for a fixed fee.

If you want to do it for free, you can put up notices at local supermarkets or make use of websites like Make sure you upload good photos of your house, it will be the first thing that will make an impression on possible buyers.

Prepare house and arrange viewings

The next important step is to prepare your house to make it appealing for buyers. Clean it from inside and outside, de clutter the house, and take minor upgrades to create a nice impression on visitors. You will have to take up the challenge of arranging viewing to show the property to interested buyers.

Decide on the lowest price to which you will drop down to when negotiating with interested buyers. Be prepared to answer the queries of the visitors. You should also have all documents ready to be able to close the deal quickly.

Help from a solicitor to sell your house privately

Once you have found the buyer and agreed with him upon the price of the property, it is time to take help from a solicitor to complete the sale for you.



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