Bulgaria Property Prices

Bulgaria Property Prices continue strong growth in 2017

The Sofia Glove has reported that Bulgaria property prices rose between 6% and 8% during the 2017 year.

In an interview with Kaloyan Boganov he indicated the growth of Bulgaria property prices is mainly in large cities. In smaller towns, the figures are smaller. He pointed to factors such as historically low interest rates and an increase in demand as the reasons for the growth.

Also mentioned were the well documented fact that salaries in Bulgaria are increasing. Bulgaria is much like every other country in the world in seeing the masses flocking from rural areas to large cities. The effect of this is of course that we see city prices increasing and rural areas lagging far behind.

The commentator above also referred to the increase in flights from low-cost airlines to the larger cities in the country.

During the European property boom of the early 2000’s many people bought apartments and the like in Bulgaria as a holiday destination.

The recession hit the country hard and many lost money on their investments; some even giving up on properties all together.

Has Europe forgiven Bulgaria yet for this?

There are several very good reasons for living in Bulgaria. It has beautiful beaches and mountains matches by its climate that is perfect for outdoor activities in all seasons.

Food and drink is very cheap for the average European. Also, Bulgaria has a variety of delicious gourmet food. If you are allergic to paying tax it must be noted that the tax system is among the most favorable in Europe.

Another funny little benefit is that (and don’t ask me why or how) most shops and supermarkets are open 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Finally the most important thing: The Bulgarians are known as a very warm and welcoming people. You will quickly find yourself feeling right at home.

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