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Virtual viewing of homes is amazing

I’ve just spent some time looking at virtual viewing of homes for sale. (I was looking on, but it is also available on UK sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla).

It is pretty amazing; such a useful tool for getting a good idea of a home before actually having to physically go and look at the property.

This coupled with the property scanning apps will in essence allow you to pass by a house. You can scan and then virtually walk around the house without leaving the car!

Pretty amazing I think. Is this also a useful tool for thieves though? Hopefully not! For many people selling a house the lack of privacy has been an issue. If you are living in a house you are generally expected to vacate whilst a viewing is taking place (perhaps for fear the potential buyer would meet the seller and realize they didn’t need an Estate Agent after all!).

For many vacating a home is stressful. It is not practical to empty your contents prior to the viewing. So, you are relying on the professionalism of the Estate Agent to ensure your personal belongings are untouched.

With the virtual viewing the Estate Agents are perhaps in a better position to more accurately assess if the potential buyers are worth investing in. It is after all an investment for the Estate Agent to show someone around the house.

Now they can show them around the house from the comfort of their office. There they assess if the person is worthy of a viewing in person. Worthy in the sense of being truly interested.

This Virtual Viewing is not mainstream yet and I’m sure the technology is expensive but overall it is amazing and is surely here to stay.

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