Do you have a property for sale in Portugal? Buyers are seeking for the dream home in Portugal.

We have thousands of visitors every month who are dying to get their hands on that very special property in the sun – 65% of them being from Ireland, UK and USA. Therefore if you have a property for sale in Portugal don´t waste any time, get it listed today! Oh, and by the way, it´s free.

The nice sunny weather, the delicious Mediterranean cuisine and the endless miles of white sandy beaches seem to be reasons enough to convince anyone that Portugal is a good location to own a second home. Although most of us would know mainly Algarve and Lisbon there is far more to Portugal than one might expect. Portugal has being part of the European Union for decades, it is a developed, stable and peaceful country, the economy is growing and so are the property prices, making it a safe place to invest. Besides the famous postcard views, Portugal offers a wide diversity of landscapes and things to see and do. More to the north the landscape becomes more hilly and green, there are mountains with breath-taking views, unspoiled nature, numerous national parks, picturesque stone villages, historic towns, Celtic and Roman ruins, …These are great places to ski in the winter time or hiking, cycling, boating, climbing and whatever else you can think of through the rest of the year. And we cannot forget the kind, outgoing and friendly people as one of the best Portugal assets.

Portugal has open the doors to non-eu citizens as well who are benefitting from the Golden Visa scheme in order to buy property and become Residents and citizens.

No wonder so many people are looking to buy a property in Portugal. If you are one of these Portugal property bargain hunters, please see our current listings here:

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