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How to sell your house faster: Tips & Tricks to impress possible buyers

Houses can be on the market sometimes for years without attracting any real interest from possible buyers.

This can be especially frustrating if you depend on the sale of your home in order to be able to buy that dream home you’ve been looking for years. Or if you did buy it but now you are stuck with two credits.

What can you do to give your home a new owner – fast?

It’s no rocket science; first check the competition, is the asking price right or there are better properties being offered for the same or even lower prices?


Declutter & Decorate

Declutter your house but don’t take out everything. It’s good to have some decorative items in your property so people can visualize themselves living there. Even some personal items are good – like nice photographs with happy smiling people add a nice feel to the overall picture. Small furniture and mirrors highlights the space of the property and some cushions here and there together with some curtains on the window make the place cozier.


Fix, Paint & Clean

Fixing obvious problems, like holes in the wall and giving a fresh paint makes the property immediately more appealing and looking ready to move in. Give a thorough clean in the end and possible buyers will love it!


Put it for Sale

If you are not using a real estate agent you have to make sure that your property attracts the right buyer. You can hang a sign in the window, put an announcement in the local newspaper, word-of-mouth to neighbors and friends and offer it online. The more exposure your property gets the better.

If you run on a small budget to advertise your house you can list it on a property listing website where it is for free, such as


Air & Smell

Now, the time arrived when the first people come to view your property. Make sure to let some air into the house before, especially if the place is not lived in anymore and windows haven’t been opened in a while. You can also put some fresh flowers and light some candles. Don’t forget the good-old-feel-at-home-trick: bake some cookies in the oven and brew some fresh coffee. This will not just add a nice smell put is also a nice treat for the people who come to see your house.

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