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Are foreigners allowed to buy real estate in Germany? Can Non-EU Citizens buy property in Germany?

The short answer is: YES. Foreign citizens are not subject to restrictions on their rights to purchase real estate in Germany. Even for non-EU-residents are no restrictions buying a property in Germany, everybody with money can get their own house in Germany!

They are entered in the land register as the owner of the land on which your property is located. Although the mere fact of a real estate property promises no permanent residence in Germany, you get the privilege of a constantly re-renewable short-term visa (Schengenvisum) for Germany over the period of 90 days.

To obtain a residence title in Germany requires you to prove that you would bring benefits to the German State. If you are a professional in one of the sought-after areas of activity or a big investor who creates jobs, you have much higher chances of obtaining a residence permit.

An entrepreneur can obtain a residence permit for the purpose of self-employment, if a superior economic interest or special regional needs exist, the activity is expected to have positive effects on the economy and financing has been secured (§ 21 para. 1 sentence 1 of the Residence Act). Typically, these conditions are met at an investment of 250,000 euro and the creation of five jobs .

If the self-employed has succeeded and the livelihood is secured, he or she may, obtain a settlement permit after three years ( § 21 para . 4 of the Residence Act ).

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5 thoughts on “Are foreigners allowed to buy real estate in Germany? Can Non-EU Citizens buy property in Germany?”

  1. It is true, although surprising to many people but there are really no restrictions for foreigners to buy property in Germany as long as all formal requirements , such as notarization (by a notary in Germany) etc. are met. The only thing that would be needed additionally is to bring a translater to the notarization in case you don’t speak German.

  2. I need to buy house in Germany and I’m a foreigner, can I get permanent visa including my family

    1. The best is to ask the German embassy. They will be able to advice you on that.

    1. No, the costs are the same than for nationals. The only additional cost would be if you need a translator because you are not fluent in German.

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